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Connecting People
to What Matters

Reaching your vision is only possible through the capabilities of your team.  Pyramis helps unlock the power of your team to reach a new possible.

What We Do

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Talent Strategy

Strategy is about winning – outmaneuvering a competitor to ensure you’re optimizing your performance, growing where you want, and ensuring long-term sustainable success. Pyramis will help you connect your talent strategy to bottom line results.  Nobody knows your business like you. Connecting what you know about winning to the rest of your organization will serve as the foundation to harness the energy of your team around the most important initiatives.   


Pyramis brings simple, yet powerful talent strategy tools that refine, capture and connect your gameplan to your entire team.


Performance Management & Analytics

Strategy without execution relies on hope.  Find a new possible by building the right organizational scorecard while creating focus on what matters most.  The right execution plan breaks strategic complexity into tangible actions that make a difference.  A strong execution plan affords growth opportunities for the team that builds your bench while driving bottom line results.


Pyramis’ Performance Management and Analytics Process will help you execute with intent.



  • Performance Analytics and Scorecard

  • Execution Visualization 


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Building Capacity
Talent Development

Winning is achieved through the collective capabilities of the team. The Pyramis Capability Process begins with the right execution plan that allows your team to point their developmental focus on the things that matter most. Pyramis attaches talent development to the strategy and execution of your business’ initiatives. 


Pyramis Capability Process

starts with defining the execution path that creates the developmental targets for your team.  


  • Executive and Leadership Coaching

  • Custom built Organization and Leadership Development

  • Frontline Training & Development

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Dan Krug

I am the Founder and Principal of Pyramis LLC. My experience spans multiple industries where I’ve been a senior level leader in Talent Management, Information & Digital Technology, and Human Resources. I have served as a Senior Officer, leading both Talent Management and IT, within a Fortune 100 organization where I successfully led change that impacted the organizational performance through operational, commercial, IT, and talent management transformations.  


My personal journey in overcoming a chronic health condition has shaped my approach to focusing on what matters most, whether in my personal life or the work I do. Harnessing the power of your team to achieve beyond past achievements requires leadership focus and energy. Finding the purpose and energy within yourself is the foundation of helping others achieve beyond what was thought possible.  

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